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What is Contributionist Economics?

It’s a really simple system, 99% of the people work like slaves their whole life for little to no reward, so the other 1% can live an absolutely fabulous life. Does this sound familiar?

And the real beauty of this system is that whoever controls the banks, controls the entire system. It doesn’t matter what systems of governance you might have in place or other delusions of democracy. Control the money & you control it all!

Look at our current system. The banks control it all. And they in turn are controlled by the “reserve bank” (which is a private company BTW). All our financial system and actions require checking, double checking and an array of intermediaries. The net result, we do not control our wealth anymore!

Vs. Contributionism economics!

Contributionism is a slight shift. 100% of people work together so that 100% of people live a great life.

We need to take back control. The best way to do that is to transact directly with each other. We need to be able to transfer value from person to person, without all the intermediaries. ‘Cos we PAY for each and every one of those intermediaries!

When we work together it returns control of our wealth to us. This is an ubuntu contributionism system.

This system also needs to be controlled by the people. Not one company or small group of people. No. We, the people, must contribute resources to support and enable this system.

How do you fight the bank?

You can’t, it’s a fool’s battle. They are too big and will financially ruin you with litigation.

So how can we change the bank?

You can’t. They are too happy with their lifestyle & will not give it up.

So what can we do?

Well, the best way to fight any business is to stop doing business with it immediately. Here are some guidelines:

  1. No more debt. Debt works in the bank’s favour, big time. Do not take any more debt and make it your first mission to get rid of all current debt!
  2. Once you have paid off those accounts, be sure to close them. “Credit facilities” works in the bank’s favour, just the same as debt.
  3. Start using some of the community controlled “alt coins” (virtual crypo-currencies), such as Bitcoin.

The end game of course, is to reach a point where we transact directly with one another again. We need to take back control of our own wealth.

Are crypto-currencies a real alternative?

I have heard all the conspiracy theories & other myths about alt-currencies. Before you go spreading those, you should go read this page on Bitcoin myths.

I have also done the research into how crypto-currencies work. This is something you must do before you decide for yourself of they are a good idea or not.

To answer the question above, yes, I think they are a real alternative. BUT, you must make up your own mind.

One interesting thing I noticed while searching on Google around “Bitcoin”, there is an unusually large amount of negative propaganda about Bitcoins. What I mean is, some company dealing in Bitcoins gets hacked BUT it is presented as “Bitcoin is unsafe” (when in reality it was simply that website that was unsafe). The media seems to be trying to paint the entire system as unsafe. But yet, it grows. And that begs 2 questions:

  1. How have great ideas been killed in the past?
  2. Why are people adopting something despite the bad press?

The answer to 1 is easy, you discredit the idea and/or the creator. In the case of Bitcoin, there seems to be a organized effort to discredit the idea. This fact alone makes me certain that we’re onto something good here, something that threatens the existing system of financial robbery.

The answer to 2 is also easy. People keep adopting it because it makes more sense than the current system!

When people do the research, when they understand how it all works, they buy in. We start small but it grows. And eventually, once we all start buying out of banks and into a peer-to-peer financial system, the banks will die a slow death, without anyone having to fight against them!

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